User permissions are here!

If you use 88 Miles in a team, time tracking just got a little bit easier!

We’ve just added user permissions, allowing your staff to be managers.

Regular staff members can still punch in and out of projects. However, if you make a staff member a manager, they will be able to create, edit or delete companies and projects and manage reports. This makes delegating the creating and management of your 88 Miles time sheets much easier!

By default, all of your existing staff members will be managers (Which is equivalent to what they were before this update).

To reduce their permissions to the staff level, you will need to edit them, and select “Staff” from the type dropdown.

Select the Staff link from the menu

Select the Staff link from the menu

Select "Edit" from the settings menu next to the user you wish to change

Select “Edit” from the settings menu next to the user you wish to change

Select Regular staff member

Select Regular staff member

We’ve turned on SSL for everybody

88 Miles has always been available over secure HTTP if you entered but we have just enforced this for all users. Now, if you enter you will be automatically redirected to

So, every time you hit 88 Miles, you should see the secure padlock next to the URL.

We now force SSL!

We are changing our credit card provider, and we need your help.

We are moving our credit card processing facilities over to another great Australian company Pin Payments. They are ace – if you need to take credit card payments in multiple currencies and deposit them in to an Australian bank account go and check them out.

Unfortunately, due to security and compliance obligations we are unable to copy the credit card numbers that our current credit card provider stores on our behalf over to Pin (we don’t deal with credit card storage – companies like Pin are far better at it than us).

As a result, if you have a paid 88 Miles account you’ll need to re-enter your credit card details. We’ll be switching off the old credit card merchant on 31 June, so you still have a couple of weeks – however updating your credit card only takes a few minutes. Please note, that is you don’t update your card details, your service will expire at the end of June.

So! To avoid any disruption, go to and enter your card details again. You won’t get charged until your next billing cycle.

And don’t forget to check the security certificate whenever you are on a secure site entering your credit card details.

Thanks! We really appreciate it, and I apologise for any inconvenience it causes.

Set projects to default to non-billable

Hi all!

I recently added the ability to mark shifts as billable and non-billable, making it easier to work out how much time you spend on administration or other tasks whose costs might not be passed on to the clients. I’ve received a number of requests to add a setting to projects that makes all shifts clocked against those projects automatically set to non-billable.

Well, the update has just been pushed!

As this is an advanced setting, you’ll need to select the more option when creating or updating a project.

Click the "More" button

Then, you can check or uncheck the Make shifts billable by default checkbox.

When deselected, shifts will automatically be marked as non-billable. If you do need to mark a shift billable, you can do that by clicking the Billable checkbox on the main project page (once you have punched in to the project, of course).

Happy time tracking!

Security notice about the “heartbleed” exploit

Yesterday, an OpenSSL exploit was announced, that potentially allowed attackers to read information from secured servers. As 88 Miles uses Amazon Web Services, it was susceptible to the exploit. So what does this mean for you?

Not much really.

Realistically, you would have only been at risk if you added or changed your credit card details in the past 24 hours, or if you logged in (not just opened 88 Miles, but actually used the login screen).

If someone was sniffing around on the server while the exploit was active, they could have viewed data that was being transferred. However, it would take a lot of work to reassemble all the bits to make use of that data. As such, the risk is pretty low.

If you are feeling worried about it, I’d suggest logging out and logging back in to 88 Miles. If you are really worried, try changing your password – and if you see any weird activity on your account, let us know.

We have also updated our secure certificates as a precaution. If you ever log in to one of the secure pages on 88 Miles, and you see a warning about an expired certificate, please contact immediately.

Just be assured that the risk for 88 Miles is very low, but if you have any questions, please let me know.

Use 88 Miles in a team? Dealing with user permissions is about to get much easier!

88 Miles started out as a tool for freelancer developers, designers and copywriters but there is a number of you that use 88 Miles as part of an agency or in a team.

At the moment, 88 Miles gives all staff members full access to the creation, editing and deletion of all companies, projects, shifts and reports. While this can work for small teams, it gets a bit un-wieldy for larger teams, so I’m announcing a new user management system that should be launched in the next week or two!

The new system adds a new class of user called a Manager, that has the same permissions as staff do at the moment – they can add, edit and delete companies, projects, all shifts and run reports.

The new Staff class is more limited: they can only see shifts that they created, and any reports they run will only show their data.

So how will this affect you? Well, as the owner of the account, it won’t. However, some of your staff might see some slightly different options when they log in after the update. I say some, because not all staff members will stay staff members – some are going to automatically upgrade to Manager status.

Every staff member that you have that has created either a public (or shared) company or project will automatically become a Manager. You can of course override this after the upgrade has occurred by editing the user and changing their type to either “Regular Staff” or “Manager”.

The main reason I’m giving you the heads up now, and not just pushing the update straight through is I want to give you time to ask questions about the new system before it goes live.

If you do have any questions, you can email me at, tweet me twitter or click the little help box inside the app.

88 Miles on your Pebble Smart watch

You may have hear about the Pebble, a crowd funded smart watch that, when it hit it’s goal was on of the first million dollar Kickstarter projects. The watch allows you to receive notifications from your phone, control your music and allows developers to write small apps.

Today, they released their shiny new app store, which allows you to discover and install apps really easily. Which is a good thing, because you’ll need that app store to install the 88 Miles Pebble app! I haven’t worked out how to link directly to the store yet, but you can simply search for “88 Miles” and you should find it.

Here is a screen shot of it’s store page, which includes a couple of screen shots:

88 Miles Pebble App

The app lists all of your current projects, and allows you to see how long you have spent. You can also punch in and out from projects all from your watch. Welcome to the future.

88 Miles for neckbeards – track your time from the command line

It's a unix system. I know this!

If you are a developer like me, and you spend most of your day in terminal, it can be easy to forget to switch contexts to do things like tracking your time. So why not do it from the command line?

Now you can – using 88 Miles gem.

Installation is simple (you’ll need Ruby installed)

gem install 88miles


All you do is link a directory with an 88 Miles project, and then you can run

88miles start


88miles stop

From with in that directory. You can also bring up a realtime clock:

88miles status -f

and dump out all the shifts for that project:

88miles log

The gem is open source – you can find the code and instructions on our github page. Find a bug, or added something that was missing? We accept pull requests.

88 Miles puts time tracking back into Basecamp

88 Miles to Basecamp

Basecamp from 37 Signals is arguably the grandfather of software as a service. It’s clean, user-centric project management tools have simplified workflows for designers and developers everywhere. A couple of months ago, 37 Signals released the reworked version of Basecamp – but with one noticeable omission: The time tracking component had been removed.

The original time tracking module was very simple – you had to manually keep track of your time, then enter it in a text box, and 37 Signals argue that is isn’t a core part of their system which is why they dropped it. However, we believe that time tracking is a core component of project management – how do you know if your quotes are accurate or if you are working efficiently if you don’t track your output? So, to plug this hole 88 Miles now integrates with Basecamp.

By using our new Google Chrome, Safari or Firefox extension, you can punch in and out of 88 Miles directly from the new Basecamp project view.

Track your time directly from Basecamp



After you have enabled one of the plugins, and linked a Basecamp project to an 88 Miles project, you will see a new “Time tracking” section, which gives you an overview of time spent on the project. When you start a task, just click the clock icon next to the task name, and click it again to punch out! For more information, checkout out support page.

It’s really simple, and you never have to leave Basecamp!

You can download the plugins here:

88 Miles plugin for Google Chrome 88 Miles addon for Firefox 88 Miles extension for Safari

Welcome back to the future…

After 749:33 hours of work over the past 12 months, the 88 Miles relaunch has been completed!

The new version has some really exciting new features, including the Business Health Dashboard that I am really excited about. As someone that has freelanced for a majority of my working career a tool like this would have been really helpful! Many of us become freelancers because we are really good at our craft – unfortunately we also need to deal with business stuff too, which is where tools like the Business Health Dashboard come into play. Being able to see the status of your business quickly will make crunching numbers much easier.

Thank you to the guys at Humaan for their amazing design work – it has really set the tone of this new release. A big thank you to all the people I have received advice from during this process. And a huge thank you to all of the beta testers who have been sending bug reports and suggestions – the response I’ve had to this release has been amazing.

So now starts the next chapter. If you are a freelancer, and you are reading this: please register and take back control of your time. If you are an existing user: thank you for your support!

Cheers guys,


PS. If you are in Perth, and you want to help us celebrate the launch, we will be at the Oxford Hotel, 368 Oxford St  Leederville WA 6007 from around 4pm this afternoon. Come and say hi!